Do You Need A Houston Movers?

I think the greatest documentary I saw that kind of captures this understanding of this feeling is there’s a Netflix documentary called like indie games mean indie games have you guys any of you guys heard of that yeah so go check that out Houston Movers.

Houston Movers

It’s awesome they went out and they followed like three or four teams of developers who were making independent games for the Xbox basically like one or two guys who will spend three years in their house building an independent game and then they put it on Xbox Live for you know for $ Houston Movers.

But they’re super candid about the ups and downs of that experience like for example you know – one of the guys is like I just spent the morning laying on the floor of my shower until the water went coldlike that’s how shitty I feel about the last two years and our game that we’rebuilding Houston Movers.

He’s like this sucks no one no one’s gonna fucking want this and then fast forward to the guy just putting it on the Xbox Live Store in turns of the camera and he’s like we just made more money in the last three hours than I have in the last five years and it’like the incredible highs and the incredible lows and startups are very much like that and I think Houston Movers.

Houston Movers

That that documentary captured it really well so do check that out so tech stars you guys familiar with tech stars yep more or less so I just finished a program in tech stars Austin we were one of the companies in their inaugural class really awesome experience I think you know people talk about incubators being blown over I think I don’t think it’s end-all Houston Movers.

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