Important Tips to Save Yourself from Moving Fraud

When you are selecting the most appropriate LA movers, a number of factors come into play. Trustworthy professionals can indeed ensure you a happy move in all respects, but while you are looking for quality services at an affordable rate, there are chances of falling prey to fraudulent activities. Here are some warning signals that will help you identify fraud and steer clear of the same.

Improperly maintained online profile

Once you come across reasonable Los Angeles movers, the first thing would be to look out for their online presence. Check whether they have a professional website; in case the website seems ambiguous or is poorly built, do not deal with them. Find more about la movers. Moreover, if the concerned movers do not have well-maintained social media profiles, there is high probability that they are involved in unprofessional business practices. Also if you find a large percentage of negative moving reviews across the web about a particular mover, consider those as a warning signal.


Absence of specific information

If you find LA movers offering extremely cost-effective moving services, but do not find clear-cut details regarding license, company name, physical address or contact number, it is better to skip contacting such people. There must be something wrong with anonymous movers reluctant to provide clear details.

Incorporation of generic terms

Suppose you call the movers and ask the company name. Instead of a specific name, you get to hear general terms such as “moving services” or “moving company”. Remember, non-specific things like stock images, generic terms or unclear descriptions are indicative of a possible fraud or scam.

Denial of in-house inspection

When a visual survey is carried out by any moving company through one of its representatives, you can be assured of an accurate estimate. However if the Los Angeles movers you contact refuse to go for an on-site survey and provide you a written estimate, there are high chances that they would be changing their prices in the future and create problem on the moving day. So, always go for providers who readily offer a written estimate rather than one over the phone or online.

packers-and-movers-gorakhpurInvalid license

All legal moving companies are registered with relevant authorities and you can check their legitimacy in their website. In case you find that the movers you have contacted do not have a valid license or their license has expired, it is highly advisable to refrain from working with them. Also, it is better to avoid a company whose license is less than a couple of years old; it means that the company is not that experienced in this business.

Huge advance payments or deposits

This is again another vital warning signal. In case you need to pay something in advance, it must not exceed the 10 to 15% mark. Do not be victimized by fraud movers accepting large advance payments and then disappearing completely with your money.

Very low estimates

It is very easy to fall prey to dishonest movers who lure you with unbelievably low estimates. In such cases, check everything from the very beginning, including what service they are offering and what is being excluded. Do not give them the chance to change their prices, when it is too late to go for another company.

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