A Smart Guide to Packing Toys during a Move

If you have kids, then playthings are a must, since they go a long way in developing the child’s imagination and cognitive skills, and also give company to the child in moments of sadness or loneliness. Often children are quite emotionally attached to their toys, so when you are moving house, you simply cannot ignore toys, whether you are packing on your own or the Los Angeles movers are there to sort out everything.


Moving house is in itself a very stressful affair and can have a negative impact on the child’s psychology. To cope up with this, you need to convince your child that you are there for continual support, that they would be welcomed by a great life in their new place and they would not lose any of their favorite things as they move, and this includes their choicest toys.

It would be great if you contact the best LA movers for organizing the packing during the move, because they would be arranging everything professionally. However, here are certain things you should be aware of.

Strategies for packing toys

A child may suddenly long for a certain toy and throw tantrums. So to avoid packing and unpacking repeatedly, an effective toy-packing strategy is essential, which you can share with the Los Angeles movers as they do the packing.

  • Know what your child’s favorite toys are and ensure that those specific toys are kept out of the packing boxes till the final moment of the move. First pack in the toys which are of minimum interest to your child.

  • Although there are the best LA movers around, involve your child in the packing of toys, if he or she is old enough. Make the child understand that you are putting the toys in the moving boxes only to take them out once you reach the new destination. They will feel happy and interested if you ask them to arrange the boxes as well as decorate and label them.

  • Allow the kids to select a couple of toys that would be kept out of the boxes. Let them know that the rest will be packed inside the boxes and will be taken out only after the move.

tumblr_negnjkubf31u2j866o1_400Sorting and packing the toys

First you need to sort and then pack. Try to involve your child in both the processes. Do away with broken toys and if your child is emotionally attached to any of these toys, discuss with them and convince them that these toys are of no use. You may also consider donating some old toys. Keep one or two choicest toys in the essentials box, so that they can be taken out anytime, if required.

For ensuring that the toys are safe while on the move, use sufficient bubble wrap and packing paper and place the toys in medium-sized packing boxes. The toys which are very small can be placed in sealable plastic bags. If there are any water-based toys such as squirt guns, drain the water and dry them completely before packing.

As you pack, put the large toys first and then the others. Fill any gap with packing peanuts, soft fabric materials or crumpled paper.

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